CCR Summer Event: Cedar Point!

August 11th, 2017
CCR Summer Event: Cedar Point!

On Saturday, July 22nd, employees, friends and family of Center for Computer Resources traded in their Technology Caps for Ride Warrior Hats. After eating a quick breakfast, the two buses departed from CCR’s Headquarters in Sterling Heights, and began the ultimate mission: riding every single ride.

Well, that part was true for the Ride Warriors who made it their mission to conquer every rollercoaster, regardless of how long the wait was! For others, they had their eyes set on a completely different experience that involved nothing but fun in the sun. Rather than standing and waiting for hours in line for a ride, they spent their time at the newly renovated waterpark!

Once the buses arrived tickets were handed out, and the CCR crew split off into smaller groups and made their way into the park! While the weather forecast had called for rain all day, we lucked out and the rain held out.

The entire group united once throughout the day for a company dinner before heading out back into the park, or back to the beach! By the end of the night the Ride Warriors were worn out, and the beach goers were tanned from a day of sun!

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