The Windows Key

August 17th, 2017
The Windows Key

The Windows key is something that most people ignore or are not sure even what it is used for. It does have a purpose for being there and it can come in handy if you know the “secrets” of it. Here is a list of some useful key commands that involve the windows key. Give them a try and see what command key would be useful for you! Note that some of these commands may only work with Windows 10

Window Key commands Description
Windows Key + directional arrows Using the Up, Down, Left, or Right arrow key along with the Windows Key will move and resize the current windows selected
Windows Key + Shift + directional arrows Like the command above it will move the selected windows, but this time it will move it to another monitor if there is one set up
Windows Key + L This will lock your computer! Useful if you need to step away from your computer. Make sure you know your password so you can log back in!
Windows Key + D Have to many windows open? Use this command and it will minimize all windows and go directly to the desktop. Use to the command again to open the windows back up.
Windows Key + plus(+) or minus(-) This will open the Magnifier tool, allowing you to zoom in or out with anything on the screen.
Windows Key + esc This will close the Magnifier tool if things get out of hand.

Tech Tip Provided By:

Thomas Gawne
PC Specialist

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