August Tech Tips: How to open a shared mailbox in Outlook 2013/2016 (O365)

August 16th, 2019


Shared mailboxes in O365 (Office 365) allow a group of users to view and send e-mails from a single mailbox. Generally shared mailboxes cannot be logged into directly. You would access a shared mailbox via your own outlook by being the recipient off “Full Access” permissions

A shared mailbox should generally appear on its own after your administrator applies the permissions however, incidents may occur where the mailbox is not appearing or after having a profile re-added.


How to manually open a shared mailbox?

Step 1:

Ensure you are the recipient of “Full Access” permissions for that mailbox

-This is done by making a request with your mail administrator.

(CCR Helpdesk!)

-(FYI) If this step was already completed and the mailbox is not showing up for whatever reason, this step does not need to be repeated. (Skip to step 2!)

Step 2:

Choose the File tab in the ribbon.


Step 3:

Choose Account Settings, then select Account Settings from the menu.


Select the Email tab

-Make sure the correct account is highlighted

-Hit on Change


Step 4:

Choose More Settings > Advanced > Add


Step 5:

Type the email address into the box (Such as


Step 6:

Choose Ok > Ok

Chose Next > Finish > Close

-You should now see the mailbox under the Home ribbon

(PS) Make sure to click the arrow next to the mailbox to expand the folders


Tech Tip Provided By: Dan Hiken, Service Desk Tier 1 Service Tech
Center for Computer Resources

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