Windows 7 End of Support

January 13th, 2020
Windows 7 End of Support

The time has come to say goodbye to Windows 7. Over the past year, CCR has been providing updates in our Monthly newsletter about the Windows 7 End of Support deadline. We even have a countdown on our website! We’ve provided updates and information below directly from Microsoft to help explain the pop-up warning you might have seen, and important details about this deadline.

When will Microsoft stop providing support for Windows 7? Support for Windows 7 will end on Tuesday January 14th, 2020

Will my device still work if it using Windows 7? Yes.

What does “End of Support” mean? The devices that are still running that software will be at risk due to the fact that “Microsoft will no longer offer technical support, software updates and security updates or fixes.” Without updates from Microsoft, your devices will be at greater risk for viruses and malware.

What should I do next? As your Managed Service Provider, we are strongly urging you to take a course of action in order to keep your devices safe. For more information, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager.
For more information about End of Service: Microsoft End of Support Information

Example Windows 7 End of Support Pop-Up Image provided by Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

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