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CCR Cloud VoIP - A full featured, cost effective phone system for today's small business!

Your business depends upon reliable communications with customers, vendors and the general public. However many businesses are relying on an antiquated and unreliable PBX phone system that is impossible to administer, expensive to maintain and/or upgrade. Additionally you pay the phone company bundles every month for service that is noisy and unreliable as well. Upgrading to a new PBX in the back closet is exorbitantly expensive at $500-$1000 per user/phone.

The answer is CCR Cloud VoIP: a Flexible, Scaleable and Reliable phone system that leverages today's Cloud Data Center and Internet technologies.

What Are the Benefits to Hosted PBX and VoIP?

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Great Unified Communications features tailored for SMB's
  • All Offices/Sites/Employees united under one phone and communications system, regardless of location
  • No Maintenance or Update Costs
  • Get rid of the Telco while improve utilization and reliability of your internet service

Are Hosted PBX and VoIP the Right Fit for My Business?

The confluence of many technologies including fast internet, web and app development, mobility and data center technologies are making now the right time for a move to "the Cloud". Business Communications and Telephony services are no exception. Get more features, increased reliability and lower costs with CCaRe Cloud VoIP

Are Phone Closets Obsolete?

Think about it. Buying a phone system or PBX is like buying a car. Just a few short years after the purchase of a premise based PBX, it is out of date and worth just pennies on the dollar. You don't want to waste precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services that are quickly out of date and expensive to maintain, especially when the quality, reliability and business continuity of our Cloud PBX and VoIP services rival traditional high-end enterprise phone systems.

Call us to learn more about CCR's Cloud VoIP, or to receive a Free Assessment and Budgetary Quote. For a short time, Promotional Discounting of 10-25% is also available. Contact us today!

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