Healthcare Information Technology

Managing a medical practice is a constant challenge, even more so in today's competitive environment. With high overhead, high traffic and high pressure, technology has become essential to today's medical offices.

Centaris is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare consulting services to our clients. We have dedicated resources who can assist you in meeting the challenges of today’s healthcare standards. We focus on improving your practice through successful, evidence-based processes. These processes help you, the healthcare provider, develop accurate, comprehensive and reproducible medical records. Our objective in offering these services is to provide you with the tools necessary to satisfy government compliance and revenue generating programs.


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Incentive Program Support

  • Review provider participation eligibility
  • Determine appropriate Quality, Advancing Care Information and Improvement Activity measures and select reporting period for each category
  • Monitor practice adherence to measures and review reports as needed
  • Attest/Submit data through government portal(s)
  • Review provider participation eligibility
  • Determine appropriate Payment Model for practice
  • Meaningful Use Measure Review
  • Review of current workflow and processes to identify deficiencies and inconsistencies
  • Document process improvements to increase percentages
  • Public Health Measure Submission Information
  • Review audit request(s), information and associated deadlines
  • Setup timeline for documentation preparation
  • Collect necessary documentation and create custom audit submission file
  • Provide documentation of submission with dated receipt and auditor information


  • Secure, cloud-based solution that includes: Security and Privacy Management, Policies/Procedure/Forms Templates, Third Party/Vendor Management and Oversight, Training and Awareness, Breach Response and Management, Employee Tasks and Assets Management, and Risk Management Automation
  • Discuss/Complete Security Assessment Questionnaire with Administration
  • Documents reviewed by HIPAA and Security Subject Matter Experts
  • Perform technical testing of practice system/network
  • Results of administrative, physical and technical testing presented to administration and remediation recommendations provided

Education and Training

  • Lectures available on topics including The Quality Payment Program (QPP), Medicaid Meaningful Use (MU), HITECH Act, HIPAA Final Rule, Process Reengineering, Compliance, Healthcare Security Requirements
  • Shadow staff members to identify areas of workflow that need improvement
  • Meet with office administration to determine corrective action for identified deficiencies
  • Implement process improvements and hold office training sessions for all staff members

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