Email Protection

Email Protection

CCare | Email Protection blocks spam, viruses, and email attacks, and provides sophisticated message management and policy enforcement capabilities. CCare | Email Protection works to minimize the damage spam does to your business.

The CCare | Email Protection spam filter system scans every email sent to your account verifying the legitimacy of the email and determining the likelihood of the email containing spam. Spam never reaches your email server, instead you'll receive a simple to read and understand daily quarantine email summary informing you of only a few suspect emails. You then select the emails that you want sent to your inbox. The system is deployed and administered on the mail server and managed by us ensuring there is no administrative overhead for your organization.

Strengths of CCare | Email Protection

  • Spam filter service that captures 99% of unwanted email
  • Convenient email summary and web based quarantine review
  • Email Disaster Recovery/Failover• Blocks email viruses from reaching your network
  • Preemptive technology prevents spammers from harvesting your email accounts

Email productivity, availability, and quality are core issues businesses simply cannot function without reliable and trusted email. Today more than 85% of all electronic mail traffic on the Internet is unwanted, malicious or offensive. All businesses are under siege from a variety of increasingly sophisticated attacks from hackers, spammers, and phishers.

Email productivity, availability, quality and compliance

Comprehensive email security and management

Email has become mission-critical for the modern business of all sizes. Email productivity, availability, quality and compliance are core issues for all global corporations and businesses simply cannot function without reliable and trusted email.

Spam Filtering & Blocking

Stop Directory Harvest and Denial of Service attacks with exclusive Sender Behavior Analysis. Block spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats before they reach your network. Maintain white and blacklists for both senders and IP addresses.

Disaster Recovery & Failover

CCare | Email Protection prevents email loss during server or internet outages by automatically spooling incoming messages, then unspooling and delivering when premises servers are restored. Messages are never lost or bounced back to the sender.

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