DNS Protection Upgrade



Question: Why are we upgrading our BrowserShield DNS Protection to a new Agent?
Answer: This is an effort by Centaris to better provide a product that contains the functionality of our service that does not have any third party software compatibility limitations that the previous BrowserShield Agent otherwise suffered from.

Question: How does the new Agent operate differently from the previous one and what stays the same?
Answer: BrowserShield uses a more refined method in utilizing the hardware on a device to identify and protect requests made on a device to browse the internet while also being able to report the protection status of the device it is installed on. As for what stays the same, the agent will still operate on the same policy-based protection as it does for any roaming connecting to different networks or stationary devices.

Question: How will this new Agent affect my experience in the long term?
Answer: Since the only change that is being made is the application that would be installed on your computer, the protection policies that have been created when first purchasing BrowserShield will not change and thus you will not experience any interference with any internet facing sites you visit.

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