CCare Hosting Plan

Managed Services are here to save the day, we're cyber crime fighters!

CCare Hosting is the ultimate Managed IT Service. Centaris will manage and host all of your IT needs with our expert IT staff; Tier 1 Data Center; premium hardware offerings; and per user pricing for software from Microsoft, Citrix and/or VMware. In some instances, we may be able to replace all you PCs with lower cost, longer lasting, easier to maintain "thin clients".

If you're like most small businesses you have a small room in your office where the servers live. You may not know what they do, but you know what happens when they stop doing it. And every 3 years you know they need to be replaced. And it will be expensive. Have you ever wondered why all of this equipment has to be right in the next room? Is your office really the safest place to store your most sensitive data? And why does all of that equipment have to be your problem?

Curing the headache of server management ... CCare Hosting.

What benefits does CCare Hosting deliver?

  • Simplifies your IT needs so you can focus on your organization's core services and areas of expertise.
  • Improves uptime and service levels associated with premium enterprise class network components hosted in a Tier 1 Data Center.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership associated with equipment and licensing.
  • Reduces ongoing software upgrade costs by including the latest software from Microsoft.
  • Increases security by centralizing and professionally managing access to your data.

Your applications and data are accessed from our secured data center and maintained by our experienced IT Professionals. Through this service, Centaris also becomes your extended IT service desk, making sure your applications are on-demand when you need them the most.

Minimal Upfront Costs

Most experts recommend that you replace your servers every 3 years. The average cost to replace a single server with installation services can run about $10,000. On our CCare Hosting plan you never need to buy another server again. We buy the equipment and you don't have to spend money today only to spend it again in 36 months.

Security - Card Scan Monitored Access

Take a look at where you servers are currently stored. Is the room even locked? Do you know who has access to it? How about the power going into the room ... is it on a backup generator? In a disaster, you could always have your employees work from home, but if the servers are not up they will not get very far.


Are you certain your backup is working? More importantly are you certain that your information is being taken off-site in case of a serious problem with the facility? Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about it and know that it is being taken care of by trained professionals?

Hardware Redundancy

Computers fail. It is a reality that at some point in the life of a computer, it will fail. The question is, are you prepared when it happens? With the CCare Hosting plan, your data is stored on a redundant sever cluster with multiple backups and failover systems that most if not all small to medium sized business could not afford. With all the things you have to worry about, a server failure should not be one of them.


Every minute of every day, your business is creating more data and it needs to be readily accessible. How can you afford to keep up with the demands of this storage ... added costs of hard drives and expanded backup up solution? Well, with CCare Hosting, your storage can grow affordably and you don't have to buy new hard drives every time your needs expand.

24x7 Monitoring

Who watches your data when you are not there? Most business don't give much thought to after-hours support ... until they have a proposal due the next day and their e-mail is down. That is when you need a team of people available night and day to handle problems and keep your system running.

High-Speed Redundant Access

Most employees have faster internet access at home than they do at work. Which creates a problem, working remotely is much slower than working in the office. Unfortunately, it is the office that is the bottleneck. Our high-speed access runs at 50 times the speed of the average home user. Remote work has never been so easy.

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