Managed Servers and Desktops

Centaris understands that managing and troubleshooting desktops, network servers and IT security is rarely seen as a core activity for small and medium businesses. Some of the questions which come to mind may include: "Does a full-time IT support specialist make sense?", "Can I pay a predictable monthly price rather than being at the mercy of IT support charges paid by the hour?" or "How can I reduce downtime, poor performance, or prevent IT security breaches?" Relax! You are not alone!

Your servers and accompanying PCs are the heart and soul of your company's IT network. They provide the means by which all the users on your network utilize the technological resources that make them productive. Since that infrastructure is complex, with many possible trouble spots, it's difficult to keep an eye on everything, and even more difficult to respond when any, or many, issues arise.

With CCare | Managed Servers and Desktops, your network is monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. A staff of experienced IT professionals will perform regular maintenance tasks to prevent difficulties and will also be ready to respond whenever a problem may occur.

Servers - Our systems monitor the base operating system, email servers, database servers and backup processes. Hundreds of key system thresholds are monitored and alerts are sent to our dedicated service ticket system for any issue that may arise. A Dedicated team of system engineers troubleshoot, resolve problems, and proactively perform necessary preventative maintenance on your servers. Various hardware and software inventory reports are available so you will be able to understand the assets which you own. Operating system patches can also be applied based upon the plan option selected.

Desktops - Our plans provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance regiment for desktop and laptop computers keeping them secure and operating at peak levels of performance. All Desktop plans include CCare | Email Protection which includes Advanced SPAM Filtering, blocking 99% of SPAM, with little to zero false positives. Remote Desktop and Laptop support tools allow our Help Desk Engineers to remotely control and share your devices for quick action. Operating system patches can also be applied based upon the plan option selected.

Every business is unique, which is why CCare | Managed Servers and Desktops is flexible to ensure that you have several plan options to choose from. We will make sure that your plan is tailor-made to suit the needs of your business.

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