Managed Firewall

CCare | Managed Firewall is a fully managed firewall and security solution used to protect your corporate network. Today's organizations rely on highly available, secure computing environments to efficiently and safely conduct business. CCare | Managed Firewall is a key component of a secure network and is properly managed by a staff of experienced IT professionals to ensure and to protect your critical information assets.

Firewalls are configured to allow "good" traffic in and to keep "bad" traffic out. Firewalls are updated continuously to support changing business requirements such as:

  • Employee status changes
  • New partners
  • New applications
  • Comprehensive Security Gateway
  • Web Content Filtering

Firewalls are core components in effective security architecture. This infrastructure is critical to protecting your business assets and must be properly managed to ensure these systems operate at peak performance. However, managing these devices can quickly drain your valuable security resources.

CCare | Managed Firewall service removes the burden of day-to-day administration and monitoring of your Firewall infrastructure. This service provides you with 24x7x365 expertise, monitoring and proactive management necessary to ensure these systems deliver maximum protection of your critical business assets.

Keep Control of Your Environment

Web Content Filtering

  • Powerful content filtering to control access to unwanted web content
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Flexibility to filter questionable or inappropriate content by category

Hardware and Software, Fully Covered

  • Next business day hardware replacement
  • Real-time updates for security, spyware and virus content to block new internet threats
  • Software version upgrades and firmware upgrades included

Comprehensive Security Gateway

  • Real-Time Limited Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention
  • Deep Packet Inspection Firewall

Centralized Management, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Includes configuration changes, firewall policy management and backup of all devices
  • Real-time monitoring of network usage
  • Detailed historical reporting of network availability, blocked threats and internet use

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