Backup and Rapid Recovery

You have come to rely on your servers, desktops and laptops to run your business and retain key company data. What happens when systems malfunction, software becomes corrupted, viruses spread, or natural disasters occur? Can you quickly resume operations and ensure your business is up and running in minutes? CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery provides a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective system of protection and recovery for your entire IT infrastructure.

CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery provides an integrated approach to Business Systems Continuity which enables your small and mid-sized business (SMB) to quickly recover the systems and data that keep your firm operating efficiently. Our Rapid Recovery System includes turnkey appliances and proprietary technologies which provide rapid recovery for virtually any system back to a desired point in time. Don't let a lost file or system crash cost your business time and money. If a problem with your network occurs, you will get back to work quickly with CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery.

Don't let a system crash or lost file cost you time and money. Get back-to-business quickly with CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery.

The CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery solution offers a unique design which features the housing and maintenance of an offsite storage shuttle drive. The CCare | Backup & Rapid Recovery solution has the capability to prepare a hot swap hard disk drive that includes a complete image of your entire server infrastructure. The solution includes three hot swap hard drives which allow for off-site storage as well as daily rotation. These hot swap disk drives are formatted to facilitate daily incremental backups and will contain a full system image.

Real-time automated disk backup, disk imaging, file level backup and bare-metal restore.

Fully Automated Real-Time Backup

  • No user intervention required
  • No system downtime required
  • Schedule full and incremental imaging
  • Schedule folder and file backups
  • All processes are automated and occur when scheduled

Complete Disk Imaging

  • Sector level backup
  • Multiple partitions
  • Full and incremental images provides for granular restoration points and reduced file size transfer for offsite replication
  • Complete data protection all programs, settings, configuration, system and user data

Fully Automated Offsite Replication

  • Scheduled time periods
  • Occurs automatically without user intervention
  • No downtime required
  • No tapes or other media to transport

Fast and Easy Recovery

  • Granular date selection for recovery
  • Remotely mount drive volumes
  • Complete system image restoration
  • Drag and drop restoration of folder and files
  • Bare-metal image restoration
  • Minimizes downtime

Flexible Configuration and Control

  • Configure globally, by group, OS type, etc.
  • Granular by server or workstation
  • Scheduled and unattended backup and file restoration
  • Remote and automated deployment
  • No need to physically visit the server or workstation or customer site
  • No additional hardware or software is required
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