Avoiding "server sprawl" is more than just a question of space.

It's a question of time: How much time will your IT staff have to devote to server management and maintenance?
It's a question of money: How much money will new hardware cost? What about the cost of your staff's time?
It's a question of energy: How much power will it take to keep everything running?
It's a question of flexibility: How can you run multiple operating systems? How quickly can you set up a new desktop?

There is a simple answer to all of these questions: Virtualization

Simply put, it's the ability to run multiple virtual computers off of one single machine, using the resources of one to power many. Centaris has the knowledge and the tools to help you strategize, implement and manage your virtualized network.

The benefits of virtualization are immediate:

  • You'll save money -- up to 70 percent -- on IT costs. You'll be able to save not just on labor, but also on operational costs such as power, cooling and space.
  • You'll save time. Without the need for manual configurations, a virtual computer can be set up in minutes, with just a few clicks of the mouse. And system backups and disaster recovery become remarkably simplified.
  • You'll gain flexibility. Virtualization gives you the ability to automatically, dynamically allocate your resources as needed. No need to permanently assign servers, storage or bandwidth to each application.

Find out if virtualization will work for your business.

Contact the experts at Centaris to learn more.

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