vCIO Services

vCIO Services

With all the technology on the market today, determining which technology fits your business best and how to use it to achieve your goals is virtually impossible on your own. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has the deep knowledge and expertise to create a strategic IT plan that aligns your technology with the company’s short- and long-term goals. Unfortunately, many companies must navigate the complex world of business technology alone because they cannot afford to hire a CIO, but there is a solution.

The Centaris offers virtual CIO (vCIO) services that give you access to a dedicated strategic leader and their vast knowledge for a fraction of the cost of hiring new senior staff. Your vCIO will be a seasoned professional who will learn your business, culture, and IT landscape to create and execute a technology plan that will optimize workflows, create budget forecasts, and provide strategic and tactical direction to your leadership.

Our CCaRE vCIO program consists of four distinct packages to fit the needs and budget of any company. Whether you need occasional guidance to ensure you’re moving in the right direction or an expert to handle all of your IT development, we have a vCIO package for you.

All packages include a strategic technology plan, reviewed and updated annually, but the level of support differs for each one (contact us for full details). Here is a basic overview of their differences:

  • Remote: Includes an annual business IT review as well as quarterly performance reporting and check-ins. Done completely remotely via phone or video call to save time and money.
  • Essentials: Includes the same features as remote, but reports and reviews are more frequent, you get weekly calls to your IT staff, and more.
  • Advanced: Everything included with essentials, but our vCIO will also visit your location in person to meet with your leadership, board, and IT personnel on a regular basis.
  • Complete: Our vCIO will meet with your staff even more frequently as they become an integral part of your IT division, even conducting annual reviews of your IT employees.

Once you have a Centaris vCIO directing your company’s technology development, you’ll enjoy more efficient operations, better technology ROI, higher confidence in your organization’s agility, and much more. Don’t leave your business’s future to chance, get a detailed IT strategy and a wealth of guidance and knowledge with Centaris’s CCaRE vCIO program.

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