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We are impressed with the Centaris teams can-do attitude and willingness to go that extra mile. They have successfully supported us in planning and carrying out business-critical IT projects, both on-time and within budget.

Byron van der Walt

Byron van der Walt, Systems Manager
Riverside Energy Michigan
Traverse City, MI

Centaris offers a comprehensive IT solution with experienced professionals handling all of our IT needs. Centaris’S IT expertise allows me to focus on my own expertise.

Mary Tischler

Mary Tischler, CPA CGMA, Chief Financial Officer
Ginosko Development Company
Novi, MI

Our changeover to Centaris for IT support has been great. It is so nice to have a service provider that takes the initiative and gets things done!

Tracy Trasky

Tracy Trasky, Finance Director
Summertree Residential Centers Inc.
Boyne City, MI