Ongoing phishing scams: Fake Package Delivery Email Scam

February 21st, 2017
Ongoing phishing scams: Fake Package Delivery Email Scam

Cyber hackers are constantly advancing the tactics they use to con you into clicking a link or opening an email that contains a virus. Their newest scam might be their sneakiest one yet: fake package delivery notifications.

If you have ever printed out a packaging slip online, you have the option to receive a notification letting you know if it was delivered or not. That is essentially how this email hoax works. You will receive an email stating that UPS, FedEx or USPS was unable to deliver your package. Below is an example:

Many of these messages vary in their complexity. For example, some messages might contain no graphics, while others contain the actual logo from the mailing company. The body of the email will contain a link.

The email goes on to give you the option to reschedule the delivery over the phone by entering the confirmation information that is provided on the delivery invoice, which you have to download. How do you know what number to call? They prompt you once again to download the invoice.

If you think that the message you received is suspicious, or you are not expecting a package, delete the email. Most importantly, do not click on anything in that email.

Attached are additional examples and information regarding what these emails could look like, provided by UPS:

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