The Domain Name Game

July 17th, 2017
The Domain Name Game

Domain Name


By Marina Petz

Domain Name: the name of the network address that identifies it as belonging to a specific domain. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. To sum it up, your domain name is similar to a product phrase, but for online purposes.

For example, we will use Burger King’s website domain name. Burger King is abbreviated as “BK,” which happens to be their website URL, or domain name they purchased. Their website shows up on the Internet as:

There are various forms of domain name extensions such as: .com, .net, .org, .info or .edu.

The same domain name that you use for your website can also be used for your email address. For example, Michigan State Universities website URL ends in, as does their email addresses.

What’s the importance of Domain Name?

Similar to your company name, your domain name is an important factor in establishing your online presence. Having the same, or similar, domain name for your website and email helps associate your business with one specific name or brand. In short, your domain name is tied directly back to your business.

What happens if I lost the rights to the Domain Name I want, or it is no longer available?

The most common problem when it comes to domain names is the renewal process, or losing the rights of a specific domain. It is becoming all too common that businesses are unsure of the exact date their domain expires or who is receiving emails about the domain. Each second you wait to confirm the renewal of your domain name increases the likelihood of losing that name. Nowadays, other users are constantly on the lookout for domains that have expired that they then purchase for a low fee and hold hostage for an extremely high price. Why? Most of the time they know that the domain name holds value, so they use that as leverage to charge a higher price to get the name back.

If the domain name you would like to purchase is currently unavailable, you can either wait for the expiration date to roll around and put a bid on the name, or search for a similar name to use.

Where can I get assistance or learn more about the status of my Domain Name?

If you are worried about the status of one of your domains, or interested in learning about one for future purchase, please reach out to CCR! We will be more than happy to help assist you!

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