Tech Tip: Outlook “For Follow Up” Feature

April 23rd, 2018
Tech Tip: Outlook “For Follow Up” Feature

Each day, your email inbox is constantly being filled with new message, along with old ones that that get left behind. Somewhere in that inbox is an important message that you need to follow up on, but what will remind you? There's a tool to help you right within Outlook!

How to create a For Follow Up Folder:

  1. Click the Folder tab on the top of Outlook: File > New > Search Folder
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  3. The New Search Dialog Box will pop up, click Mail Flagged for follow up. Click "Ok."
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  5. Once you've clicked "Ok" right click the For Follow Up in the Navigation Pane. Right click, and then click Show in Favorites.
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  7. When you scroll to the top, the For Follow Up Folder will now appear amongst your other favorited folders!
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Hint: If you hover above the time stamp in the message, you can click the follow up flag to add it to the list instead of having to choose it from the Follow Up Drop down from the tool bar.

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