How to ensure your laptop’s Wi-Fi is on/off

July 24th, 2018
How to ensure your laptop’s Wi-Fi is on/off

• One way to enable the wireless function on your laptop is to check and see if the button on your keyboard is lit up. This key typically looks like a radio tower and is located along the F1 - F12 keys on the keyboard.


• Others may have a switch along the side of their device. You can toggle your Wi-Fi on and off with this switch:


• Also, if your wireless is not working, you may have your device in airplane mode. You can usually check if airplane mode is by following the two easy steps below:

• In the picture below, you will toggle airplane mode on/off by pressing the "F12" key. If airplane mode is on, you will not be able to connect to the internet.


• In addition, you can go into your Network & internet settings within your computer and manually toggle the switch on & off:



Tech Tip Provide By:
Alex Lewandowski, Fast Response Team
Center for Computer Resources

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