Computer Problems Greatest Hits vol. 1

September 26th, 2018
Computer Problems Greatest Hits vol. 1

Let's Rock and Roll all night without computer problems every day!

Center for Computer Resources, CCR, is proud to bring you the first edition of Computer Problems Jams!

Including smash hits such as:

  • Computer Dreamin
  • Print and Shout
  • Message in an Email
  • Laptop Bop

Songs that truly capture the feeling of frustration dealing with those day-to-day computer nightmares! We know because we’ve been helping to solve them since 1981!

We’ve included a compilation some of your favorite bands:

  • Paper Jam
  • Rage Against Your Machine
  • The Laptop Underground
  • Red Hot Computer Problems
  • Infected Mode

We've all experienced daily computer problems that keep you from what's most important, keeping your business up and running.

CCR is here to help! If you've experienced any of these problems give us a call! 248-284-7100

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