Center for Computer Resources Summer Event: Cedar Point

July 18th, 2019
Center for Computer Resources Summer Event: Cedar Point


On Saturday, July 13th two busses left CCR’s Sterling Heights location bright and early filled with drinks, snacks and ride warriors ready for a day of fun. Where were they headed? Americas rockin’ roller coast, Cedar Point!

Once the busses arrived, the two groups dispersed amongst the park. Some ran to get in line for the tallest rides in the park, while others found their way to the water park and the beach.

At 5:30pm, the CCR Team met up to have dinner together and had the chance to win two Ride Fast Passes. After the sun went down, the two busses made their way out of the park to head back home.

Here are some fun facts about Cedar Point!

  • Cedar Point has 18 roller coasters
  • The Top Thrill Dragster can reach a maximum speed of 120 MPH
  • It’s first roller coaster, Switchback Railway, was constructed in 1892
  • It’s oldest coaster still standing is the Blue Streak, was built in 1964

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