3/13/2020: A Note From CCR’s CEO About The Coronavirus

March 27th, 2020

Dear Clients,

As your Managed Service Provider, we understand the importance our company plays in providing IT Support to your business. We are aware of the Coronavirus (CVOID-19), and taking the precautionary measures as we continue to closely monitor the situation.

The safety of our clients and employees is Center for Computer Resources top priority. We understand that this can be an extremely difficult and stressful time for businesses. Listed below are the precautionary measures, and policies, CCR has put in place at this time.

In Our CCR Offices

  • Cleaning commonly used areas more often, including our workstations and staging areas where we handle incoming and outgoing equipment.
  • Sanitizing restrooms more frequently and restocking with supplies, including soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer.
  • Adding extra hand sanitizer to highly visited parts of the office such as all of our conference rooms.
  • Wiping down equipment.

For Our Associates

  • Encouraging our associates to closely monitor their health and well-being.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and tissues in the kitchen, front-desk and meeting rooms.
  • Suggesting any of our associates to stay home if they, or someone in their household, are sick. This includes onsite technicians.
  • Suspending business air travel for associates through March 31, 2020 and recommending virtual meetings.
  • Quarantine any employee that has traveled in a hot zone.

For Our Clients:

  • We will exhaust all attempts to resolve your IT issues remotely before coming on site.
  • We are monitoring the Health of our engineers daily.
  • Anyone with COVID-19 exposure or other flu like illness will NOT be sent out to onsite.
  • Please inform CCR if anyone in your organization has been exposed before requesting an onsite technician.

Option to assist your business with the COVID-19 - Working From Home/Remote Options

  • There are multiple options which offer varying degrees of remote capabilities for your staff if you choose or are required to work remotely:
    • Adding an SSL VPN per user license to your Managed Firewall will allow a remote user a secure login to your in-office network to access office productivity documents. In most cases this will not allow them to run application software.
    • If an end user has a machine in the office, there are some options to allow them (over the SSL VPN) to remote control this machine from home. This will allow most application software to function, but a bit slower.
    • In order for your staff to communicate and collaborate, CCR can implement Microsoft Teams in a limited capacity for Instant Messaging (Chat). This is an information portal to communicate to your staff; and schedule and run Voice/Video Meetings. Teams can be installed on a Cell Phone and used for video conferencing.

Some components of these solutions are offered on a per user basis with installation and support on a T&M basis. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your individual needs.

Please know that as your trusted Technology Provider, we will do everything we can to help assist with any technology needs your business might have during this time.

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