Scam Warnings

September 23rd, 2020
Scam Warnings

Heightened attention to your online security is more critical now than ever, especially as we continue to navigate throughout a pandemic. One thing to remember is that cyber hackers thrive off of events such as pandemics because they know we’re at a heightened sense of fear.

For example, during the holidays we are always looking out for gifts for our loved ones. You might receive an email saying you have won a free $1,000! The catch? You have to enter your banking information so they can deposit the money. Bingo, giant red flag.

In late August, a Macomb county resident thought that a BestBuy Geek Squad worker was helping to cancel a computer protection subscription was actually a hacker. She had recently lost her husband and had noticed an email on his account about reoccurring charge of $300 that was set to renew.

The email looked completely real, including the Geek Squad logo. However, this hacker ended up convincing the women to wire money from one account to another. The total cost? $30,000. She hasn’t gotten the money back, but the FBI is looking into the case.

As always, trust your gut when it comes to clicking an email. Even if it looks completely real, it can still be a phishing scam. If you have received a suspicious email, do not click anything and delete the email right away!

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