Centaris Standing Desks

Re-energize your employees with versatile sit-stand workstations!

Stay comfortable and productive all day long

Sitting for too long is harmful to your heart, your back, and may even shrink parts of your brain responsible for memory formation. This is why
standing desks have become the workstation of choice for companies looking to boost staff wellness and productivity. Centaris’s Standing Desks
turn any tabletop into a sit-stand workstation, allowing for healthy movement throughout the day.


Switch your work position from sitting to standing whenever
you want


Experience ergonomic comfort
that promotes team


Enjoy hassle-free assembly and our extensive warranty


Modify your office space with ease, free of installation costs

A sit-stand workstation for every organization

Standing Desk


The WorkFit-T and TL desktop workstations move straight up and down and support two monitors or a monitor and a laptop

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Standing Desk

Elevate Adjusta 48/60

Available in two sizes, the Elevate Adjusta desk lets you move from sitting to standing height with the push of a button

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Standing Desk


This adjustable desk comes with a cable management panel and provides an active computing experience without taking up valuable office space

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The Benefits of Centaris’s Standing Desks Are Clear

  • Wellness - standing reduces your chance of heart disease, diabetes, and other health-damaging conditions
  • Productivity - standing enhances energy levels, mood, and engagement
  • Versatility - hassle-free setup means easy retrofitting into any space
  • Durability - our desks are made from high-quality materials, tested for maximum stability
  • Scalability - an open-architecture design lets you add future equipment with ease
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