Learning the Tech Talk

May 22nd, 2019
Learning the Tech Talk


It’s a common language you hear from your IT guy. “Yeah, that device has been infected by Malware.” Malware? Prior to this conversation you had never even heard of the word Malware, and suddenly you’re hearing your device is infected!

As an IT Company, Tech Talk has become our regular verbiage. Tech “slang” makes perfect sense to those who use it every day. However, for those outside of the technology world it can be incredibly confusing.

It’s time we took a step back. It’s time to get down to the basics.

That’s why we’re starting a new section of our Newsletter titled “What is.” Each month we’ll be discussing a new topic ranging from a common computer virus to exploring what is including in your Office 365 offering. You’ll also be hearing from some of own CCR staff members!

Welcome to CCR’s Technology Class! Our first class begins next month covering one amazing topic, Microsoft SharePoint!

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