Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

A Clear View

With just one click, you gain immediate access to your patients' critical information, all on one screen: Patient location, exam notes, schedules, prescriptions, labs and more.

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Tailored to You

Using Microsoft Word, you'll be able to document patient encounters in the way you prefer. Use our ready-to-use templates for exam notes, or customize them for your practice. It's easy and fast to pull together all of the patient information you need, and the familiarity of Microsoft means that your staff will be instantly comfortable using the software.

Advanced Voice Recognition Technology

Capture every detail of every patient encounter with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology -- and save time and money on expensive, inefficient medical transcription services. As you dictate, our software instantly and accurately converts your comments into detailed, precise documents. You can also use voice commands to note patient encounters, print prescriptions, enter diagnosis and procedure codes, place orders for diagnostics and fax referral letters.

Real-Time Summaries

Each patient examination is instantly summarized on one screen for instant, efficient decision-making: Diagnosis, follow-up care, prescriptions, billing codes.

Treatment and Diagnostics Tools

You'll find a wealth of decision-making and diagnostic tools at your fingertips:

  1. Diagnostics macros that link ICD9 diagnostic and CPT codes, medications, tests and plans for quick note generation and documentation
  2. Quick, thorough drug analysis -- drug-to-drug, drug-to-disease and drug-to food -- to help reduce the risk of drug interactions
  3. The ability to display images and films of in-hospital procedures on-screen, and link the images to patient records. Cut and paste images from the film player directly into the patient's notes.
  4. Increase efficiency and patient satisfaction and reduce the chance for error by electronically sending prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy.

Document Management

With a complete document management system that scans and electronically stores all of your paper records, you'll gain electronic access to historical documents -- making your transition to a paper-free office as seamless as possible.

Support Services

Bundled with world-class local on-site and help support from Centaris, this solution will provide peace of mind, qualify of life and significant cost reductions for your practice.

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